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The Prayer

In this moment I am not afraid.
I have worshiped the God of fear.
I have laid my life on his alter.

He is a false God.

I rescind my offering.
I will no longer participate in my own destruction,
I invite the wrath
to rain upon me
in all its trembling horror
Let the glory of evil burn bright

Pink Umbrellas

In my efforts to become a more balanced and thereby a more peaceful person, I am forever weighing my first reactions to people and situations against principles, such as withholding judgment without adequate information, treating people the way I would like to be treated, and checking personal prejudices at the door.

Some days, it’s a whole lot easier said than done. Today I let some things get under my skin. I feel compelled to rant just a bit.

Are you up for it?

I hate when people mess with little kids. Nothing is worse than being a bully. And to me, bullying around little kids takes a special kind of creep.

Seekers of Peace

Leave my people alone.

I want to scream these words loud enough to be heard. When I read of the recent attention paid to members of the Church who are suspected and found guilty of the sin of doubting, I wanted to climb to the highest peak and plead… Let my people be.

My people seek to find peace, seek a way to reconcile doubts and questions with the lives they lead in the Church.

Learning of various members being summoned to meetings with leadership gave me that knee-jerk, doubled-over pain in my stomach. If they are come after one, they are capable of coming after everyone.

I could be wrong. I really hope that I am wrong. I want to be wrong.

But, I am worried.

An Unexpected Peace

I had a business meeting with a member from my ward today. The conversation turned into something quite unexpected.

I sat listening intently as she recalled the night 30 years ago she received the news her son had been killed in an auto accident. She recalled how in the weeks previous to his death he seemed to “know without knowing” that he would be leaving soon. In the days previous to the accident he had made contact with all of his family members telling them that he loved them. He had purchased life insurance a year earlier, and offered words of advice to his mother that would set her life on a new course, all without knowing that a semi would soon be crossing a center divider, hitting him head on. He would be dead at age 24.

who we are

Welcome to The Peacewriter.

We all want to belong somewhere, to someone. It is a basic human need.

If you have ever experienced a period of doubt or questioned your beliefs in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, you know that this is not a minor thing. It is tantamount to a crisis, and one that can be life altering.

Lose your testimony, and you stand to lose everything that matters.

There are those who exist on the fringes of the Church, who feel disenfranchised, even unwanted. If you are single, gay or lesbian, feminist, atheist, or uncorrelated, it can be tough to feel like a part of the community. You may feel that you do not belong.

You belong here.

If you have ever loved someone who endured a faith crisis, you know that there are a lot of gray areas. Uncertainty is the dominant force; black and white become moot points.

Those who have walked the same path share a common bond, understood by few who have not traveled the same road.

This is the place to share common experiences, to find a voice, to be heard. This is the place to seek after peace, and to find it in the common ties we share.

This is The Peacewriter.

Please visit, and visit often. We intend to post new submissions regularly. If you want to contact us directly, click on the Contact Page or email us at

We welcome your feedback and submissions.