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The Prayer

In this moment I am not afraid.
I have worshiped the God of fear.
I have laid my life on his alter.

He is a false God.

I rescind my offering.
I will no longer participate in my own destruction,
I invite the wrath
to rain upon me
in all its trembling horror
Let the glory of evil burn bright

for when it has surged and swollen
and beat thunder upon its chest
I will snuff it out between my fingers

And I will not remember it
or pay it any honor with my thoughts
I will only
run my fingers over the rough bark of trees
and smile at children who do not know me
and that moment the darkness claimed
will be in its rightful place
gathering dust
as I move towards beauty
I will think only
of the peace I claim for myself.


Stephanie D. Edwards said...


ff42 said...

Thank you for showing me a way out and onward.

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