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The Circle Unbroken

It isn’t going well. My heart and mind are full of thoughtful reflections about the past few weeks, but nothing is coming together on my laptop screen. All I get is this:

I never thought it was going to be a circle. Endless, recurring, eternal.
Now, I am quite satisfied that this is how it’s going to be.

No More Hammers

Over the years their voices have grown fainter as they cry from the pulpit “obey, obey obey…” As it echo’s off the walls of the chapel my mind now seems to turn inward to a voice more calm and more sure than it has ever been. I have spent too many years taking the me that God created and tried to make it into a picture perfect reflection of “truth” and “good”. I have always known that I was not a round peg created for a hole


The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them.”
~Thomas Merton

Beware of wayward children.

I read a lesson from the old family Home Evening manual when my children were still very little. It was all about wayward children. Looking at my very young kids, I watched for signs; I was scared I might drop the ball and miss something. When the younger used Legos as missiles, launching them straight at his brother’s temple, I worried.

An Interview with a Bishop

Our friends at Mormon Expression have put together an amazing interview with an active LDS Bishop. Hop over to the Mormon Expression site and enjoy the discussion. The Bishop details the struggles he faces to serve in his current office while going through the pangs of disaffection. Honest, straightforward and open, his words touch on some of the same issues many disaffected people have endured. Thanks to the Bishop and our very own Tom for this discussion.

who we are

Welcome to The Peacewriter.

We all want to belong somewhere, to someone. It is a basic human need.

If you have ever experienced a period of doubt or questioned your beliefs in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, you know that this is not a minor thing. It is tantamount to a crisis, and one that can be life altering.

Lose your testimony, and you stand to lose everything that matters.

There are those who exist on the fringes of the Church, who feel disenfranchised, even unwanted. If you are single, gay or lesbian, feminist, atheist, or uncorrelated, it can be tough to feel like a part of the community. You may feel that you do not belong.

You belong here.

If you have ever loved someone who endured a faith crisis, you know that there are a lot of gray areas. Uncertainty is the dominant force; black and white become moot points.

Those who have walked the same path share a common bond, understood by few who have not traveled the same road.

This is the place to share common experiences, to find a voice, to be heard. This is the place to seek after peace, and to find it in the common ties we share.

This is The Peacewriter.

Please visit, and visit often. We intend to post new submissions regularly. If you want to contact us directly, click on the Contact Page or email us at

We welcome your feedback and submissions.