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Former Area Authority Speaks to New York Times about Doubts

A lot of hubbub is floating around many mormon circles concerning an article posted from the New York Times on July 20th. In the article Laurie Goodstein speaks to Hans Mattsson who is a former Area Authority in Europe who no longer believe in the church because of researching conflicting information concerning the LDS church’s history. In the article Greg Prince states:
“Consider a Catholic cardinal suddenly going to the media and saying about his own church, ‘I don’t buy a lot of this stuff,’ ” Mr. Prince said. “That’s the level we’re talking about here.” He said of Mr. Mattsson, “He is, as far as I know, the highest-ranking church official who has gone public with deep concerns, who has had a faith crisis and come forward to say he’s going to talk about it because maybe that will help us all to resolve it.”
I’m extremely grateful that Mr. Mattsson has gone public with his experience. There are many people out there that are going through their own “crisis of faith” and it brings a great deal of comfort to know that someone who was in his position can go through something similar. It brings me comfort even if has been a few years since I dismantled my own belief system.

You can access the NYT article here.

The short accompanying video clip.

And be sure to listen to his recent interview on Mormon Stories Podcast as well.

You can also access the transcript on the Special Fireside for Disaffected Swedish LDS Saints Speakers featuring Elder Marlin K. Jensen (LDS Church Historian) and Richard E. Turley Jr. (Assistant Church Historian) Held on November 28, 2010. Location: Västerhaninge Chapel; Stockholm, Sweden.

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Lose your testimony, and you stand to lose everything that matters.

There are those who exist on the fringes of the Church, who feel disenfranchised, even unwanted. If you are single, gay or lesbian, feminist, atheist, or uncorrelated, it can be tough to feel like a part of the community. You may feel that you do not belong.

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