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What I Know Since Losing My Religion

I know what the very elect look like.
I know what an apostate looks like.
I know the view from a great and spacious building.
I know what shafts of wheat look like blowing in the wind.

Let's Pretend

“No, no,” my sister said gleefully, “you play the baby.” I hated this part. When she said you play the baby, it meant the entire game was going to be up to her. If I am the baby, I can’t talk.

“No,” I protested under a trembling lip. “Let’s be sisters!” It may have been stretch, but I figured we could pull it off. “Then we both get to be the boss!”

The Myth of Objectivity

I like to believe that I’m objective, but who am I kidding really?  Do I truly believe that I’m the only one out there that can escape my own bias?  Yet, I still find myself shaking my head in utter shock in response to some of these people I converse with on how wrong they are.  How THEY can’t seem to see past their own preconceived notions and prejudices.  If they could just see past their own bias, they could then see how wrong they are and then see that I’M RIGHT.
I want to be right, no, I NEED to be right.  I want to know the truth, like most of us.  I don’t want to be the one who was heading the wrong direction and have to make that embarrassing turn back.  I want to know from the get go that I’m heading in the right direction.  I also have enough confidence in myself that I can tell the difference from what is right from what is wrong.  I like to think that I’m not one that can easily be fooled.

Apostate's Song

Words, burning the flesh,
Trailing down, fiery and cold,
They take root.
Piercing, searing deep within,


Baptism in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is significant. The ordinance is symbolic. As a member of the priesthood lowers you into the water in total immersion, the old self is symbolically buried, and out of the font comes a new, clean person. Past mistakes are left behind.

who we are

Welcome to The Peacewriter.

We all want to belong somewhere, to someone. It is a basic human need.

If you have ever experienced a period of doubt or questioned your beliefs in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, you know that this is not a minor thing. It is tantamount to a crisis, and one that can be life altering.

Lose your testimony, and you stand to lose everything that matters.

There are those who exist on the fringes of the Church, who feel disenfranchised, even unwanted. If you are single, gay or lesbian, feminist, atheist, or uncorrelated, it can be tough to feel like a part of the community. You may feel that you do not belong.

You belong here.

If you have ever loved someone who endured a faith crisis, you know that there are a lot of gray areas. Uncertainty is the dominant force; black and white become moot points.

Those who have walked the same path share a common bond, understood by few who have not traveled the same road.

This is the place to share common experiences, to find a voice, to be heard. This is the place to seek after peace, and to find it in the common ties we share.

This is The Peacewriter.

Please visit, and visit often. We intend to post new submissions regularly. If you want to contact us directly, click on the Contact Page or email us at

We welcome your feedback and submissions.