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Our Family

In 1995, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints issued a directive titled, “The Family: A Proclamation to the World”. This is our response.
Argument is not the design of this missive, nor is it the plan to disparage any religion or theological philosophy. Instead, we present the possibility that an olive branch can be extended, that family love can be fortified, and that peace can be had by all within reach of these words.
We, being average citizens of this planet, believe that marriage is a right that should be available to all those who want to experience its benefits and blessings. We know and understand that homosexuality is not a matter of choice. There is substantial scientific evidence for this.
We strongly proclaim that it is wrong to discriminate against those who were born with slightly different attractions, skin color, handicaps, and all other attributes that make them unique.
We firmly believe that love and acceptance are the most important attributes, a gift to all of our brothers and sisters in this vast human race. Marriage, in our opinion, should be accessible to all people.
It goes without saying that families everywhere are charged with the awesome responsibility to love and to care for each other. Children have every right to expect to be reared in homes overflowing with love and hope, support and understanding. Families weave together a beautiful tapestry that connects the human race. Many differences work together to make one beautiful, colorful masterpiece. Differences ought to be accepted, supported and celebrated in all forms. The foundations of family are a common thread running through the ever-changing work of art. They include love, encouragement, kindness, hope, acceptance, and respect.
We encourage everyone to seek common ground rather than exclusion. We encourage everyone to view differences in belief as matters between the individual and their God; work to maintain the family foundation as stronger than changes in circumstances.
We implore the leaders of all churches to refrain from exacting discipline against those who experience doubt and endure crises of faith. Support believing family members as they strive to see beyond changes in religious beliefs. Discourage arbitrary interference that will encourage stress, fear, and division among these families.
We would issue the challenge to members of any faith to look upon members of their own families, and even the human family, with the same love and acceptance that Christ would. We deem it an unfortunate waste of precious time in this life to exist with resentment and hate towards others who simply think and feel differently. If, as a people, we genuinely tried to understand those with whom we do not agree, hearts would be open, and peace could freely reign.


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who we are

Welcome to The Peacewriter.

We all want to belong somewhere, to someone. It is a basic human need.

If you have ever experienced a period of doubt or questioned your beliefs in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, you know that this is not a minor thing. It is tantamount to a crisis, and one that can be life altering.

Lose your testimony, and you stand to lose everything that matters.

There are those who exist on the fringes of the Church, who feel disenfranchised, even unwanted. If you are single, gay or lesbian, feminist, atheist, or uncorrelated, it can be tough to feel like a part of the community. You may feel that you do not belong.

You belong here.

If you have ever loved someone who endured a faith crisis, you know that there are a lot of gray areas. Uncertainty is the dominant force; black and white become moot points.

Those who have walked the same path share a common bond, understood by few who have not traveled the same road.

This is the place to share common experiences, to find a voice, to be heard. This is the place to seek after peace, and to find it in the common ties we share.

This is The Peacewriter.

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