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A Little Book of Mormon (and Not So Mormon) Stories by Ingrid Ricks

After the success of her memoir Hippie Boy: A Girl's Story Ingrid Ricks has released her latest book A Little Book of Mormon (and Not So Mormon) Stories on Amazon.  From the description   This collection tells more of Ingrid's story and is written in the same engaging style as her best-selling memoir.  The stories are poignant and entertaining, and continue to teach an invaluable lesson about the importance of finding your own strength and, in that, your own voice.


Angela Felsted said...

This looks really interesting.

Stephanie said...

It is fantastic. I read it from beginning to end before I could put it down. I did the same with her memoir Hippie Boy. I think you would enjoy both.

jen said...

Wishing I had Kindle... but I don't.

Stephanie said...

I just downloaded the free app from Amazon. It works on your computer. I also have it on my phone. Then I can get any Kindle book.

jen said...

That's awesome! Thank you.

Ingrid Ricks said...

Thank you so much for featuring this, Steph!!! I so appreciate it! And Angela and Jen, thanks for your interest!!!

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