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She lives behind
The worn out eyes of the old widow,
Slipping out through the laugh lines
In a withered and weathered face.
Her laughter echoes,
Her smile illuminates the world.
She is the writer’s muse,
A mother’s secret,
A daughter’s promise.
This girl,
The fresh faced,
Curious, irrepressible.
Beautiful girl.
Some want to shut her out,
Hide her beauty,
Quiet her spirit.
And it makes me angry. It makes me sad.
Righteousness demands it, they say.
But I ask, what is more Godly
Than a girl,
Arms spread wide,
Chasing down the wind,
Her spirit free.
Don’t hold her back.
Call her temptation.
Tell her she is
Don’t break her.
Celebrate her.
Uplift her.
Learn from her,
Follow her.


hmsgofita said...

Beautiful poem! Wow!

diogenes said...

this resonates with me. poems for me like paintings touch all of us uniquely. My elderly mother is just now lying on her death bed. Sometimes when she speaks she talks of her youth running "like the wind" with her brother. Old, wrinkled but within a little, happy girl whose soul is still young. thank you

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