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The Civil War of My Soul

An anonymous PeaceWriter contributor shares a stirring example of abuse and it's acceptance in the Church. The journey is compelling; the pain shared in this very personal essay pierces the heart.

One reason often given for why people leave the church is that he or she has been offended in some way. I suppose my story fits in this category, and I will attempt to explain why.

I am a victim of domestic abuse. Domestic abuse is the sort of abuse that does not leave bruises, but devastates the soul. The first hint of domestic abuse in my marriage occurred on my wedding day. Before we cut the cake at our reception, my five-year-old niece pulled me aside and requested that I smash the cake in the groom’s face. Mostly for her benefit, I agreed. I did a dutiful job of smearing cake across his chin. He was not expecting this, and retaliated in anger, grabbed a piece of cake and crammed it over the entirety of my face as hard as he could.

Wiping cake from my eyes, I laughed.

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k said...

This piece is incredibly moving. I hope this woman gets everything she needs to reclaim herself.

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